EDIT: added some things~

these quick sketches are getting kinda fun~
warm up(down?) request for saber-chan

second batch of sketch requests~

quick requests? (taking a few more)

I’m taking one or 2 more of these then i’m done~ so if you have any other ideas, let me knoooow~


everyone give me character requests. i’m gonna do some quick practice for con chibi sketches.

first batch of sketch requests and a recent commission i liked~

btw these are the sketch commissions ill be doing on site at youmacon.

quick character requests?

everyone give me character requests. i’m gonna do some quick practice for con chibi sketches.

Guess who’s opening commisioooooons~


x | x | x

$20 USD

extra character +15


x | x | x

$30 USD

extra character +22.50

Full color

x | x | x

$40 USD

extra character +30

Full Illustration

x | x | x

prices start @ $50 USD contact for more info

prices above apply for full body characters

chibi/bust/waist up shots are available and prices are cut in response

message for specific pricing info

please send an email with your questions or requests to danidaniels17@yahoo.com. PAY PAL ONLY. Will draw lots of things, curious? just ask~

shares greatly appreciated!

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Aaaaaaa i want some of theses on a shirt

lol contact some of the artists, im sure some would be interested in that idea.

The final roster for the Jet Set Radio Collab~

Quite a few artists joined up, I’d say it was a good turn out for my first ever collab. The list of all participants can be found HERE

Link for High resolution images -> LINK

Thanks to everyone who joined this was a lot of fun :>

I plan on doing more collabs in the futures so be on the look out.

black jack for smashega for being my 300th follower~

I’m gonna do sketch requests for every 50 followers I get from now own cause you guys are super awesome and I need to do something for you all~


More con merch update and an angry nerd~ I’m so happy I found a nice place to get prints~

Oops,put it on the wrong blog..